Process Safety & Risk Management
We offer a Full Suite of Services
Process Safety Management Systems
AcuTech supports management system development, implementation, and self-verification of compliance.
Process Hazard Analyses
The thoroughness of AcuTech PHAs allows for the development of effective strategies, reducing the likelihood of incidents.
Process Safety Program Development & Implementation
AcuTech has experience in the full “life-cycle” of process safety management.
AcuTech consultants understand the questions to ask and how to interpret findings to the benefit of our clients.
Process Safety Culture
AcuTech has experience in leading safety culture transformation and process safety program implementation.
Risk Management Programs
As a trusted partner, AcuTech navigates the complexities of RMP regulations.
Quantitative Risk Assessment
AcuTech provides data and insight on the reliability and maintainability of a facility’s system and equipment.
Facility Siting
AcuTech leverages knowledge gained through audits and hazard analyses to offer a comprehensive approach to facility siting.
Consequence Modeling
A core element of AcuTech offerings, consequence modeling involves predicting and quantifying potential outcomes.
Fire Protection
AcuTech can perform data analyses, fire and explosion investigations and damage assessments.
Asset Integrity
AcuTech will touch on all aspects of asset integrity planning including setting strategy and implementation goals.
Inherently Safer Technology
AcuTech advocates the inclusion of IST concepts throughout the process life cycle, milestones, and daily decision-making.
Functional Safety
AcuTech offers a holistic set of services to support organizations in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risk.
Combustible Dust Hazards
AcuTech experience allows for the identification and evaluation of potential fire, flash fire, or explosion hazards.
Reactive Chemical Hazards
AcuTech’s services provide clients with a full view of their potential reactivity concerns and their consequences.
Incident Investigation
AcuTech supports organizations in investigations and are familiar with the approaches used in effective incident investigations.
Hydrogen Safety & Security
AcuTech's safety management expertise and knowledge of hydrogen risks enable informed, risk-based recommendations.
LNG Safety & Security
AcuTech specializes in risk assessments for deepwater ports, and providing comprehensive facility vulnerability assessments.
Ammonia Safety & Security
AcuTech's evaluates the hazards & risks associated with facilities handling anhydrous and aqueous ammonia.
Food Industry Safety & Security
AcuTech assists clients in developing customized food defense plans.
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