Process Safety Program Development & Implementation

Process Safety Program Development & Implementation

Benefit from a Process Safety Management program designed for enterprise-wide or facility-specific implementation.

Developing, implementing, and enhancing process safety programs is crucial for safeguarding personnel, the environment, and assets in industrial settings. By identifying and mitigating potential hazards, these programs prevent incidents such as fires, explosions, and toxic releases, ensuring compliance with regulations and avoiding legal liabilities. Continuous improvement of safety procedures enables organizations to adapt to evolving risks, effectively manage uncertainties, and foster a culture of safety and responsibility in the workplace.

AcuTech has experience in the full “life-cycle” of process safety management honed by developing PSM Programs for clients across the world.

AcuTech Model Process Safety Management System

Based on four underlying pillars supported by the 20 elements of the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Risk Based Process Safety Model.

Through this AcuTech is able to ensure that the facility is able to effectively take over the roles and responsibilities of the program from AcuTech personnel after the implementation. AcuTech also puts into place mechanisms for performance review and continuous improvement of the program.

AcuTech Model Process Safety Management System Phases

AcuTech’s Process Safety Management (PSM) program development and implementation model is based on four comprehensive phases:

Phase 1: Diagnosis
Perform a detailed assessment of your current state to determine your goals and desired direction.

Phase 2: Design & Development
Design, develop, review and approve policies, practices, and procedures tailored to your organization’s specific requirements and challenges, providing guidance for the various element activities.

Phase 3: Implementation & Training
Roll out the management system for each PSM element with coaching and support for facility personnel. Conduct comprehensive training for personnel to manage and execute activities for each PSM element, including awareness training for all employees.
AcuTech offers training ranging from basic functional awareness to in-depth competence development programs, ensuring facility personnel are fully equipped to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Phase 4: Optimization through Mentoring, Assessing
Monitor the implementation and provide mentoring to site personnel, periodically assessing the program’s effectiveness in each element and making necessary improvements.

AcuTech establishes effective and proven process safety management work processes.

Our consultants’ experience, seniority level, and ability to interact and engage at different levels of the organization, including top executives and frontline employees allows us to understand how process safety integrates across entire organizations, functional groups, and regions. Our experience working with staff at various levels of the organization allow us to develop these processes in a manner fit for your people. Our team works directly with clients as partners to solve problems, develop work processes and programs, and improve culture.

AcuTech Benefits
Adaptability to international cultures and languages through global experience.

AcuTech is globally recognized for its expertise in process safety, having performed work in over 150 countries. Our adaptability to international cultures and languages, combined with our ability to meet local client needs, leads to frequent invitations for return projects. With international offices staffed by regional personnel, we are well-positioned to introduce and transition best practices in PSM. Our extensive global experience has allowed us to partner with leading companies worldwide, gaining substantial institutional knowledge on how to effectively implement these best practices.

Transformation to a culture of process safety excellence.

Our experience extends to working with leadership to drive the culture, and delivering effective coaching to middle managers, supervisors and front-line workers. AcuTech has also been a thought leader in process safety culture, including as the author of the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) book Essential Practices for Creating, Strengthening & Sustaining Process Safety Culture.

Our consultants have had leadership and management responsibilities for chemical companies.

As firm believers in a strong safety culture, they have been part of (or led) management teams that have fostered, grown, and improved safety cultures in real-world circumstances. As coaches and mentors, the team has worked with front line supervisors and other site management levels to help instill that strong safety performance culture.

Increased competency of personnel.

Our effective training allows your teams to drive safer operations, increased production time and plant longevity, and expedited adherence to new work processes.

Knowledge transfer of essential process safety management practices.

AcuTech provides hands on and experienced process safety, mechanical integrity, and risk management resources which spend time onsite working with your team.

Guidance in choosing relevant engineering standards.

The AcuTech team has a broad understanding of various industry codes and standards used in multiple industries (e.g., API, ASME). We consistently utilize and reference these codes and standards, and we can explain their benefits to guide clients in selecting the appropriate standards for their organization.

Guided selection of effective software for process safety program.

AcuTech has guided companies in how to apply software products designed to facilitate various plant activities including computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), inspection data management systems (IDMS), and process hazard analysis (PHA) documentation tools. Our team has hands-on experience in using, auditing, and providing guidance for various software solutions employed in PSM programs.

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