Course 200-081

Inherently Safer Chemical Processes

Course Length:
2 Days
1.6 CEUs / 16 PDHs
$1,750 USD
Course Description:

This course gives practical applications of Inherently Safer Design (ISD) concepts. The course prepares the attendees to lead these studies by giving knowledge on the key principles of ISD. AcuTech explains the best means to integrate ISD as a “lifestyle” into the existing management systems of the organization to institute the approach on a routine basis. Means to conduct the EPA RMP requirements for Safer Technology and Alternatives Analysis (STAA) will be highlighted.

AcuTech is the recognized market leader in providing ISD services to industry and government. We have been deeply involved in ISD for safety and security assessments and helping companies develop, improve and implement ISD management systems to manage risk. AcuTech served as the lead author for the 2nd edition of the Center for Chemical Process Safety CCPS concept book, “Inherently Safer Chemical Processes, A Life Cycle Approach.” This book is cited by regulators, researchers and safety advocates as the key reference on ISD.

Course Benefits:
  • Fully understand the core principles of ISD as a process safety philosophy and how it can help achieve risk reduction.
  • Understand  the  regulatory background  and requirements  for applying ISD principles to achieve compliance, such as for the EPA RMP STAA.
  • Learn  how  the  core  principles  of  ISD  can  be instituted  as  a “Inherently Safer LifestyleTM” applied to improve PSM and business performance.
  • Learn how to conduct an ISD assessment for process safety.
Recommended Prerequisites: Familiarization with and experience with PSM and RMP programs and their requirements, Previous experience in a PHA, ATI 100-031: Process Hazard Analysis and LOPA for Team Members
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